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Complete ORAL HEALTH is a necessary part of the total health care plan for the health conscious person.


The mission of our office is to integrate the function of the mouth with our patient’s total health care needs. The complete oral health experience begins with understanding our patient; their current health profile, their chewing ability, the function of their chewing joint (TMJ), their breathing capacity, and of course the condition of their teeth and gums.


Responsible dental care must follow adequate diagnostic discovery, so an accurate assessment of our patient’s needs and desires can be made.

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We offer a broad range of services geared toward improving both your oral and your overall health.

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“My wife and I experienced the incredible screening that Dr. Stevens uses. His approach is far different from just the normal dentist who just looks at your teeth. Dr. Stevens looks at how your overall health is affected by all things related to dental. The knowledge we gained in our time is priceless. You will be better off for your time with Dr. Stevens.”

Mack Hendrick

“Dr. Stevens is on the cutting edge of health care. Traditional dentistry just looks at the mouth. Dr. Stevens takes into account the whole body and the relationship to issues going on in your mouth. He works with other doctors and dentists to provide you with a total health care solution.”

Tom Carpenter

“I’ve been working with Dr. Stevens now for years and I really like his “whole body health” approach to dentistry, it is truly cutting edge. Also, Jim and Rosalie are great people and really put the patient first in everything that they do. When you go to their office its more like a visit to their home.”

Ron Stark

“Dr Stevens and Rosalie are wonderful to work with. It is refreshing to have a dentist that is interested in your whole health with solutions for things like sleep apnea. Looking forward to trying your new scanning equipment.”

Tricia Charles

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