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Exercise & Performance Mouthguards

The Game Changer®

Protection and Performance – Don’t settle for less

PERFORMANCE – Be at the TOP of your “game”


   Apolo Anton Ohno, 8-time Olympic medalist attested, that

 “…every athlete, player, trainer, coach and fitness enthusiast should utilize the “Agility Guard”. 

Beyond Agility Guard is the advanced generation; The “Game Changer”

  Using the “Neuromuscular Bite”. The optimum physiologic orientation of the jaw to the skull

Like Apolo Ohno, users are aware of of the improved “agility” achieved with jaw-to-total-body-BALANCE when wearing Performance Oral Appliances 

IMPROVE AGILITY With The Game Changer

What is Agility?


     AGILITY factors apply to activities of Personal Practice or Competitive Action.

Exercise & Performance Mouthguards

3-D Protection & Performance (see above)

     Tooth/Mouth Impact - CranioMandibular Impact    

                            The Game Changer®

                      Protection and Performance

Current Status in contact activities

Football Players, Boxers, Hockey Players, MMA, etc.,

Their inexpensive mouthguards are designed for protection - not performance.

A New Era of Mouth Pieces

      Optimal Performance

  • Olympic athletes have worn NEUROMUSCULAR mouth pieces,
  • Serious athletes and action buffs know they provide the competitive EDGE
  • They do not use outdated equipmentfrom a bygone era.
  • They are using Performance Mouth Pieces (Neuromuscular Orthotics)
  • For the advantage over conventional-type box store “mouthguards”

Save yourself Living with Pain & Fatigue

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