Smile Makeovers


“My teeth were worn down to little nubs. I didn’t notice it much, but they became weak and were chipping and breaking. Dr. Stevens did more than just give me a whiter smile; he built my teeth back to the original size. It took longer than I thought because he made measurements and calculations, from the computerized testing that he has. This was all done before we started so my crowns would fit together properly and work so I can chew. Now they look like they did when I was in my 30’s. They look very natural… like my own. People can’t tell I’ve had dental work and I like that.”


When we first saw Margie, it was for a front tooth that was missing and she had an ill-fitting flipper to replace it and it didn’t work well.  She had orthodontics when younger which moved her teeth and jaw position. Her teeth were straightened, but her cosmetic appearance was not optimized by the orthodontics (braces).  She was in moderate pain from headaches but she could not identify that problem because she was going on a special trip and was so worried about her tooth. She expected only to have her tooth replaced with abridge.  Instead of just fixing ONE tooth with a bridge, Dr. Stevens and his staff showed her some choices where she  could improve her chewing and her entire smile. She even improved her posture! The results were outstanding…Margie’s radiant smile and attractive appearance are testimony to the beauty of natural features when we can restore them to their potential.  All of us were pleased with her new smile and beautiful appearance – also, she doesn’t have headaches after her “bite” and jaw position were corrected.


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