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Wyatt Pharyngometer Test

He first appointed at 18 months old. (Picture). 
Symptoms: Sleeping curled upright on his knees to open his airway
                     Hyper activity and dark circles under eyes
Testing: Pharyngometer Low air flow volume
Diagnosis: Sleep Disorder Breathing  
Treatment: Vivos Kids Guide
Results: 161% Airway Improvement & Sleep Normal
BEFORE Appliance
AFTER Appliance



Expansion & Alignment


Sleep Apnea Results


His teeth were imbalanced due to grinding at night – a symptom of sleep apnea.

“My teeth were worn down to little nubs. I didn’t notice it much, but they became weak and were chipping and breaking.

Bill’s bite was balanced using the Acculiner and T-Scan and then  the TMJ was evaluate with the Joint Vibrational Analysis. Then, cosmetics were addressed

Dr. Stevens built my teeth back to the original size. It took longer than I thought because he made measurements and calculations, from the computerized testing that he has. This was all done before we started so my crowns would fit together properly and work so I can chew.

Now they look like they did when I was in my 30’s. They look very natural… like my own. People can’t tell I’ve had dental work and I like that.”

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