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Stevens Health Alliance

Stevens Health Alliance is for persons who are

HOLISTIC & BIOLOGIC  health conscious.

Our Comprehensive ORAL HEALTH MEDICINE is a cornerstone for discovering the “Hidden Pathway To Optimal Health.”  

The Stevens Health Alliance mission is to ANALYZE  all dimensions  and  functions  of the Oral-Cranial complex utilize our advanced computerized technology and Coordinate Care in in concert with our patient’s needs and desires.

We supply the technology and the time required for discovery that is outside the scope of General Dentistry.

THEN coordinate with our “Alliance” of expert health-care- providers to assess and, in a joint effort, resolve our patient’s health care needs And assist them to discover their Hidden Path to Optimal Health.

The complete oral health experience begins with understanding

our patient;
their current health profile,
their chewing ability,
the function of their chewing joint (TMJ),
their breathing capacity,
the condition of their teeth and gums. 

So our patients can benefit from our unique expertise,

we customarily

work with our their General Dentist;

Their General Dentist fully understands that presenting responsible dental care to their patient must follow comprehensive diagnostic discovery, for to gather a full assessment of their patient’s needs and desires. 


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